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If anyone gets a Sand/Ivory/Maize Female hatchling, and wants to sell, let me know! Wind Flight, preferably. 

I’ll consider hatchlings whose colours are one or two either side, though. I can breed her myself, then.


It had been days now.

Cadbury remained in his bedchamber, in the vast icy cave his clan called home. The tundra lay on a pile of furs; head on his paws, with his back to the entrance. He was in a terribly melancholy mood, and barely even noticed his mate enter the room.

“Evening, my love.”

The mirror wriggled herself between his paws and jaw, and curled herself around; resting her head on his shoulder.

“…Are.. you alright, my dear?” Cadbury enquired; confused and a little worried.

“Do I need a reason to cuddle my mate?” Carmine whispered softly, nuzzling her face into his thick mane.

The tundra’s expression softened, and he returned the embrace.

“It’s just odd of you, that’s all.”

“…And all this sulking you’re doing isn’t?”

Cadbury gave a half smile. Ah, he thought. I knew there was a reason. With a uneasy sigh, he turned to his bride.

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Violet Tiger/Lavender Shimmer/Maize Underbelly
50k ono, and she’s yours c:
Message/Crossroads me at Cryosleep #4151

While FR’s down, any of you guys on Subeta? I’m Coppergrim on there, if you want to add me as a friend :3

Tundra cuddles? Cadbury LOVES cuddles! :D

I want to write a little story about my clan, but I’ve got no inspiration whatsoever :<

I don’t even know what half their personalities are -.-

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