do you think the SJWs would kill me if I had basically a ‘trans-flight’ dragon??

I asked a friend and he said it might be too similar to that stupid ‘trans-race’ or whatever trend that was going on a while ago.  

but I don’t think so, because Flight affects more than that.


Kill you? No, but it does rub me wrong that you want to appropriate the struggles of being transgender (which can get me killed by ignorant people) to your dragon’s feelings about its birth identity that is given from the magic of the location where they were born.

Yes, that sounds like its own struggle and feel free to rp it but DON’T call it transflight. I don’t think it is like transethnic. I’d watch saying that Flight affects more than Race does in our world too. It might not for every race everywhere but all the antiblack crap happening and has been happening for years and years would beg to differ. Ferguson being a recent example.

I’ve read someone call it “element dysphoria” before, which I think is a more appropriate term for it? I may be wrong, though.


I’m a little disappointed that one of my prettier hatchlings for sale got exalted, BUT the person who did it named them Chosen, which is really nice tbf. It makes them sound really important and blessed.

Thanks, Lightning-friend c:

I hadn’t intended to get attached to this one; she was just one step closer to breeding my Khajiit OC.
But look at her. How could I not?
Welcome to the clan, October. You’ll make a fine healer.

Emperors, man. They’re wonderful clan headcanon inspiration.

  • Amon having “the talk” with his sons and daughter-in-law (who knows about it, having been taught by her parents. But she stays silent in respect)
  • Amon trying to convey the urgent need for a good healer in the clan to Cadbury (whom is a little hurt, because he knows some healing magic. Is it not good enough?)
  • Glacier awkwardly discussing Imperial funeral rights with the priests, as requested by his father.
  • Zeke trying to pretend it’s not bothering him. His mate Leila just accepting it as fact.
  • Carmine banning any of them from entering the battlefield, or even hunting. She decides that 4 Imps is dangerous enough, and demands that any more born to the clan must leave; one way or another.

Ahhhh I’m gonna have to do some more writing sometime soon!





This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for - or at least I have. I deliberately didn’t do any celebration for 200+ followers and my FR anniversary just so I could bunch them together with my birthday and make an even bigger giveaway.

There MIGHT be some mystery prizes, depending on whether or not I manage to get my claws on them before Friday.


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Cryosleep #4151


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Oooh I hope we get to see what these “Emperor” dragons look like. Battle opponant? Possible new dragon breed? UNLOCKABLE dragon breed?? (Exalt so many Imps maybe?)

Also, it’s totally Shadowbinder’s shenanigans. I love it!

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