You find a large present sitting in your lair. You’re not quite sure where it came from. But there is a note sitting up top the present
AHHH! Thank you Earth and Nature! And thank you Demos for sending it ;^; 
I’m saving that food in my inbox for a rainy day haha. 
Here’s Amour investigating the weird gift. I imagine Cadbury’s off to the side, reading the note and smirking at the puns c:


okay but fire flight though.

we live in a volcanic wasteland, filled with ash and lava.

our eyes are a fiery orange-red.

our deity’s head is perpetually on fire.

fire flight = dunmer. just saying.

Headcanon accepted.

I like to think they have the Morrowind Dunmer’s gravelly voices, too. All that ash must do a number on one’s throat and lungs.




I’ll tip you in SHINY APPARELS

Got one for yoooou~

oh goodness this is awkward- someone just got to me with the item!

Ahh, if someone else beat me to it, then just send the one I sent back c: I can make use of it/sell it off elsewhere, no worries!


I’ll tip you in SHINY APPARELS

Got one for yoooou~

Meet Bondi.
Bondi thinks she’s a Tundra, and no-one has the heart to tell her otherwise.
Except maybe Carmine. Or Caine. Or Kali. Maybe the Ridgebacks. But they’re usually stopped in time.
She’s one of the only dragons allowed near Cadbury’s son Amour, whom is eternally grateful for the company. Even if the blue MirrorTundra is a bit weird. They’re not mates; just best friends :)

Sometimes I wish we could make side accounts.

I want a lair of TUNDRAS and ONLY TUNDRAS, but I don’t want to mess with my current lair ;__;

I feel kinda bad; asking a newbie for one of their 4 dragons. But a triple-gened Imp for a double-gened Snapper is fair, right?


That domain will be going away as soon as I stop paying for it.

Please update your bookmarks to!

If you have breeding pages, one is I suggest not direct linking to the site, but two, if you must, you can simply do a find and replace! For example:,28,39,39,46,38,1

changes to,28,39,39,46,38,1

If anyone gets a Sand/Ivory/Maize Female hatchling, and wants to sell, let me know! Wind Flight, preferably. 

I’ll consider hatchlings whose colours are one or two either side, though. I can breed her myself, then.

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